Renewable energy project management and delivery services for UK commercial, public and third sector organisations.

NeoTerra Energy, specialists in project management, programme coordination and delivery.

We provide a range of services to owners of property assets to enable them to realise their full potential for renewable electricity and low carbon heat. Typically our clients are UK commercial, public or third sector organisations. Our services are primarily focused on adding specialist capacity in areas of project management, programme coordination and delivery.

We recognise that many organisations are being challenged to meet net zero targets yet they often lack the in-house capacity to progress their plans. They are looking for flexible, additional capacity to supplement their internal teams with specialist support. We aim to meet this need. We can work as a remote contractor on a short-term or long-term project assignment. We can also deliver our services through a more flexible call-off arrangement.  Or we can provide resources through secondment arrangements where we effectively work as an additional member of staff.

Our Services

We aim to provide a range of more client-side services across a typical project lifecycle to support organisations to develop and progress their strategies and programmes to support their low carbon transition. We can engage through short-term or long-term contract assignments either of fixed duration or through more flexible call-off arrangements.

Project Management

We can support discrete projects across all project lifecycle stages.
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Programme Management

We can provide support for a multi-project programme including project coordination, financial management, stakeholder engagement and effective delivery of outcomes.
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Funding and Finance

We monitor currently available sources of funding for green energy projects and can provide advice to clients on the most suitable current options.
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Research and Data Analysis

We undertake bespoke research for clients to understand the potential of a new technology solution within a specific geographic region according to its physical character, current energy solutions and the geodemographic classification of the population.
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Strategic Development

With our networks we can help build linkages, generate new ideas, attract partners and help fund projects.
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We offer consulting services although we would tend to deliver these through working with trusted partners.
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For more information about our renewable energy project management and delivery services, please get in touch.