We provide specialist renewable energy expertise to help organisations maximise the potential of their assets and achieve their net zero ambitions.

About NeoTerra Energy

We work with a range of trusted associates and partners depending on the nature of the project.

The company is built on a foundation to tackle climate change by encouraging society to shift away from its current reliance on fossil fuels. As early as the turn of the twentieth century Scottish polymath Patrick Geddes highlighted the need for such a transition to move from the ‘paleotechnic’ era to the ‘neotechnic’. Instead of wasting materials, energy and natural resources on a vast scale, we need to transition to the vision of utopian city regions made possible by electric energy, local resources, natural conditions and an active civic community. A century later it would appear we are still facing this critical turning point. We recognise this is not easy and it will have positive and negative impacts on sectors of our economy and population. It will also require significant changes to our lifestyles alongside a conversion to viable and proven low carbon alternatives for our current energy and transport systems.

The company is led by John Maslen as founder and director.  John worked for 20 years in IT and GIS principally running and then selling a successful software business. In partnership with a colleague John then founded a business group focused on the Scottish renewable energy market. Over the last 10 years he has been involved in delivering a large number of mid-scale wind, solar PV and biomass heating projects. The role involved building a network of national and international supply chain partners, strategic assessment of large numbers of potential sites, advising clients on suitable projects, utilisation of a wide range of financing structures, the acquisition and disposal of assets and engaging with communities.

Most recently he has run the ParkPower programme for greenspace Scotland aimed at identifying and promoting opportunities for renewable energy solutions within urban greenspaces across Scotland. This project has focused heavily on the national opportunities for low carbon heat solutions principally around small and large scale heat pumps and district heat networks. The role has also involved building partnerships, running events and raising funding.

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